We sincerely feel glorious you will read Wanpeng Cable''s product brochure in which conceiving the hope of cooperation or supply our products.

The technique of producing coaxial cable is advanced and proven in China.Linan city,which belongs to Zhejiang province,China,is one of the main production base of coaxial cables,here boasts its skillful workers,smooth procedures of raw material supply,these are greatly enhanced the efficiency of production and work to insure the effective cooperation with our customers.
Hangzhou Linan Wanpeng Telecom cable CO. ,LTD.plays an leading role in the field of cable production in this district ,which has established an excellent production and service system,enjoys the ability to serve our customers all round the world with high quality products and service .
We will permanently set our customers''satisfaction as the main standard of the research of new products and production.We surely consider our customers''success as our greatest happiness.
We definitely will grow strongly with our customers''success course!

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